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All On Four Dental Implants

All On Four Dental Implants2023-12-05T12:17:09+13:00

An All-on-4 dental implants give you the confidence to smile again.

All on four dental implants are a quick-recovery procedure that restores your smile and the functionality of your mouth in an attractive and durable way. 90 per cent of Kiwi adults have some form of tooth decay. As a result, a lot of people are looking for ways to improve dental health. Full-arch, fixed implant-retained bridges, commonly known as ‘all on four dental implants’, have proven how technology can alleviate dental distress in simple, yet effective ways.

What is ‘All On Four’?

In simple words, all on four refers to implants being surgically implanted in the jaw, which support full mouth teeth prosthesis. It’s called all on four as it uses four implants, one in each quadrant of the mouth. This is a surgical prosthodontic technique and is primarily for a patient with extensively damaged teeth and compromised gums. These dental implants support 10-14 teeth on each prosthesis, on the upper or lower jaw. It is a durable and attractive replacement to dentures.

These all on four denture implants are made from materials such as acrylic on titanium, monolithic zirconia as well as porcelain placed on cobalt-chromium, all of which provide a strong base.

In the past, each individual tooth would have an implant to hold it in place. What these implants do is eliminate the need for multiple bridges, instead retaining the imitation teeth with one implant in each of the four quadrants of the mouth, which work as secure anchors. The bridge is fixed onto these permanent implants.

The All-on-4® treatment concept is offered by Dental Artistry, using Nobel Biocare implants.

The Benefits of Implant-retained Bridges

There are several benefits to patients:

Natural look and feel: No one wants their teeth to look fake. All on four implants ensure that the prosthesis created for you is customised to your mouth. They are also very attractive and look natural—not bulky or visibly fake.

Easy to eat and chew with: All on four dental implants have been proven to increase the ability and effectiveness of eating by as much as 95 per cent of natural teeth. In comparison to regular dentures, this allows people to eat almost anything they want without fear of their teeth becoming dislodged.

Back to a regular diet: These implants allow you to get back to a normal diet and food habits without the worry of damage to your teeth. You no longer have to miss out on your favourite food.

Quicker treatment process: Replacing each tooth with an implant is a long and tedious process. Implants such as these save time and get you back to normal faster.

More attractive: A firmly fixed denture can improve your appearance dramatically. You will smile without hesitation and have a clearly defined jawline. This serves as a boost to your self-confidence, which many of our patients comment on.

Better comfort: These implants don’t move around or cause wear and tear on the gums like regular false teeth do. You never have to worry about them slipping off. The care for them is as you would for regular teeth, not changing your lifestyle in any way other than for the better.

Longer lifespan of the jaw: Regular dentures do not stop the atrophy or the deterioration of the jaw bone. With implants however, the jaws are reinforced, and their health maintained. The implants help prevent jawbones from shrinking. This prevents sagging of the face, which is common with false teeth.

How Will All-On-Four Help?

Enjoy life again! Not only does the all-on-four mean you no longer need to worry about loose dentures, it also means that you can eat properly. Implant retained dentures actually increase the effectiveness of eating from 50% (with just a denture) to 95% of natural teeth. Better still, in the long term the implants actually prevent jawbone shrinkage so stop your face sinking with age.

Too Expensive?

If this is a bit too much of an investment, you do have the less expensive option of fewer implants and a denture which snaps on and off – get in touch with us to discuss the two different options. The price for an implant-retained over-denture ranges from $6000!

Next Steps?

Contact us to book a consultation, and we will discuss your needs and outline the steps and costs involved in an all on four.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does all-on-4 cost?2023-03-13T22:30:29+13:00

To find out the all on four dental implants cost in NZ, you will need to have a quote from a dental surgeon, as every case is different. Pricing can vary based on complications or specific needs for each one. You may need teeth extracted or bone grafts, which can increase the costs.

The total cost for this procedure is usually around $25k. This is not all paid upfront but over the course of the treatment which, including the healing process, takes 6 to 8 months. If you would prefer an immediate result, we can put on temporary fixed teeth on the same day for an additional cost. Don’t worry though – you never leave our offices without teeth, so even immediately after the surgery, your denture can be popped right over the site while the healing takes place.

Who is a good candidate for All-on-4 treatment?2023-03-13T22:30:52+13:00

Tooth implants are a good option for patients who would otherwise have to undergo the long and tedious process of fixing a large number of severely damaged or missing teeth. If you have been told by your dentist that you do not have the bone density required for a traditional implant, then you may make the perfect candidate for all on four. Even if you have experienced loss of bone in your jaw, tooth implants may be possible with bone grafts or using denser bone in the front of the jaw.

Who performs the surgery and how does it work?2023-03-13T22:31:09+13:00

The computer-guided surgery is performed by our implant expert, Dr Sheng Zhang. The surgery itself is minor and the dental surgeons are able to place the implants within an hour using a keyhole technique. This means that post-operative pain and swelling are negligible. Once the implants are in place, and the area is healed, we will produce a full set of natural looking teeth that we will permanently fix onto the four implants. The result – natural looking, normally functioning teeth!

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