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Intravenous Sedation

Intravenous Sedation2023-03-17T11:28:48+13:00

Dental implant surgery can be a frightening proposition, and we understand if you wish to reduce your anxiety with some form of sedation.

We offer intravenous (IV) sedation.

Intravenous sedation

If you are extremely nervous, we may recommend intravenous sedation, which can produce a deeper sedative effect than that of inhalation sedation. Intravenous sedation in our practice is administered by a visiting specialist anesthetist. Delivered via the bloodstream, this form of sedation acts quickly to place you in a totally relaxed state. During the appointment you will still be able to respond to your Dentist’s questions or requests, and breathe normally, but you will be extremely calm and have little or no memory of the procedure once the sedation has worn off.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sedation Safe?2023-03-13T23:13:32+13:00

All procedures in our practice are designed with your safety in mind. If you are considering sedation, we will first assess your medical history to determine whether sedation is suitable for you.

During your appointment, we constantly monitor your vital signs to make sure everything is normal. Patients having IV sedation at our practice are monitored at all times by an anaesthetist whose specialist training ensures the safest environment possible. Our practice is equipped with all required emergency medication and devices to allow us to take appropriate action should an emergency arise.

How Does IV Sedation Differ from General Anaesthesia?2023-03-13T23:13:55+13:00

When a patient is under general anaesthesia, he or she is completely unconscious and unable to respond in any way. Conscious sedation, on the other hand, allows the patient to respond to questions or commands and to breathe normally, but he or she will have little or no memory of the procedure upon awakening.

How do I prepare for a sedation appointment?2023-03-13T23:14:17+13:00

Prior to your appointment we will assess your medical history and confirm your suitability for sedation. If you are having IV sedation, our anaesthetist will contact you to introduce herself and go through your medical history with you. We will also ask you to read and sign an informed consent document that explains all aspects of the sedation process. On the day of your appointment you should be driven to and from your appointment by a responsible adult who can take care of you after the procedure. We will ask you to arrive early to take your sedative tablet (oral sedation), or to meet with the anaesthetist (IV sedation). After your appointment, full post-operative instructions will be given to your companion who should then take you home and monitor you. You should rest for the remainder of the day.

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