When a tooth is beyond saving and needs to be removed you can be assured that you do not have to go about your day without your teeth.

With proper planning the tooth can be gently removed, and a replacement can be fabricated, ready for immediate replacement on the day. This may be a denture, bridge or even an implant placement with same day crown.

At Dental Artistry we can offer you the full range of treatment options for immediate tooth replacement.

The exciting field of dental implantology allows for a 1 for 1 fixed dental replacement option in suitable cases. In these cases the tooth is removed and a dental implant is placed into the extraction site. Bone graft may be used to fill any voids. A temporary implant crown is then fixed to the dental implant which can mimic the natural tooth and almost unnoticeable to friends and family. Immediate implants with same day teeth provide convenience for the patient but also shortens the total treatment time. When performed skilfully, it will give the best natural cosmetic result.

In some patients, all their teeth may be diseased due to dental decay or gum disease. In these cases treatment such as All-On-4® or All-On-X can be utilised to restore the mouth to a full set of prosthetic teeth within a 2-3 day window. It can be a truly life changing treatment.

Find out more about All-On-4® or All-On-X below.

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