At Dental Artistry we use the product called Dysport. This is made of purified proteins that deliver very predictable results, accurately and with very few potential side effects.

Botox works by blocking neurotransmitters in the target muscles thereby reducing the strength of muscle contraction. This is useful for aesthetic applications, such as Crow’s Feet wrinkles around the eyes, where the contraction of the underlying muscle has caused a crinkling of the overlying skin. By injecting small amounts of this material, the muscle contraction is relaxed and the overlying skin smooths out.

This material can also be used for therapeutic applications, such as night-time tooth grinding, as it relaxes the overactive muscles of the face contributing to the problem. Your treatment could involve aesthetic or therapeutic applications depending on your needs. Treatment results with this material will not start to take affect for 3-7 days and are temporary, with the optimal effect at 7-10 days. The results last between 3-6 months before normal function returns completely.

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