New patients to our practice always begin with our Comprehensive examination for a thorough assessment of their dental health and to establish the best possible plan for treatment.

The comprehensive examination is performed by our principal dentists and is made up of two appointments. The first is a thorough examination, and the second is a presentation outlining your situation with treatment options, recommendations and costings.

The comprehensive examination includes many more assessments than are typical in an exam but which make a huge difference to your overall health, obtaining the best cosmetic result and ensuring the long term success of the treatment.

The exam

This is tailored to your specific needs and priorities, may include:

  • Thorough jaw joint examination
  • Intra and extra-oral soft tissue exam
  • Inspecting your teeth looking for decay, cracks or faulty restorations
  • Examination of your bite to assess whether the way you bite may be damaging your teeth or causing pain in your head and neck
  • Intra and extra-oral x-rays of teeth, as well as intra and extra-oral photos to assist diagnosis
  • Thorough gum analysis
  • Assessment of factors that may impact oral health
    • Airway obstruction
    • Myo-functional indications, posture
    • Signs of interrupted sleep

This comprehensive appointment will take about one hour.

Planning Your Treatment

We’ll invite you to return in a couple of weeks. Your Doctor or our Practice Manager, will go through your treatment plan with you. They will discuss your options with you and the costs involved. Payment plans are available, and a finance arrangement tailored to your needs can be arranged.

Our aim is to provide you with a beautiful smile, a comfortable and efficient bite and excellent oral health

At Dental Artistry we’re dedicated to providing you with exceptional dental treatment in a practice that adheres to the most stringent safety and quality measures.

Our dentists, and patient support team are committed to treating you with kindness and respect.

Tell us about your dental goals and we’ll do our utmost to help you achieve them.