There are various options of Invisalign to best suit you and your needs.

Invisalign Lite

Invisalign Lite is based on the original product, but has been specifically designed to correct minor orthodontic complications such as crowding and spacing within a shorter time frame, usually less than six months.

If your condition is not severe then Invisalign Lite can be a lower-cost option for minor crowding and spacing, and as a pre-cursor to restorative or cosmetic treatment such as veneers. It is a basic, dual arch treatment that uses up to fourteen Invisalign removable clear aligners and allows patients a shorter more affordable treatment.

Despite its affordability, Invisalign Lite does not compromise on quality or treatment outcome. To find out if your condition is appropriate for Invisalign Lite come in for a consultation and we will guide you through the options.

Invisalign Teen

Invisalign Teen is an orthodontic treatment scheme designed specifically for teenagers. Based on the original Invisalign aligners, but with extra teenager-friendly features, Invisalign Teen will fit your teen’s active life perfectly.

Invisalign Teen offers a number of advantages to your teen over traditional braces:

Greater self confidence. Research indicates that 95% of all teens worry about getting metal braces, primarily because of how they look. With Invisalign Teen, the only way people will know about your teen’s treatment is if he or she chooses to tell them. Invisalign Teen also looks great in photos of the school ball!

Healthier gums and teeth. Metal braces impair oral hygiene and can trap food, causing tooth decay and gum inflammation. With Invisalign Teen your teen can take his or her aligners out in order to brush and floss regularly.

Fits their lifestyle. Metal braces are inconvenient when it comes to contact sports, musical instruments, or eating certain foods. With Invisalign Teen these activities pose no problem.

Invisalign Teen’s extra features are also designed to fit your teen’s life and put your mind at ease. There are colour indicators on the aligners which fade with wear to let them know when it’s time to change aligners or to help you ensure they’re wearing them!

You can also get up to six replacement aligners at no cost if aligners are lost or damaged.

Invisalign for Children

Depending on the maturity of the child, Invisalign may be able to be started for pre-teens.

There are also other orthodontic treatments we can talk with you about or you can start a pre-payment plan in anticipation of Invisalign treatmen

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