Should you go overseas to have implant treatment completed cheaply? Following on from our previous blogs this blog will focus on a problem we see regularly in patients who have had ‘cheap’ implant treatment overseas, that of pressurised sales tactics and lack of personalised care.

Glossy brochures do not necessarily translate to optimal care. After paying for an airfare to a foreign land, it can be disheartening if the facility or doctors do not meet your expectations, and you may feel resigned to proceed with treatment even if you are not entirely comfortable. Having spoken to, and remedied treatment for many patients who have received overseas care, most report a ‘production line’ approach, a lack of personalized attention, and the feeling that their cheque book was more important than their wellbeing. One of our current patients who sought implant treatment in Indonesia ended up in hospital with a life-threatening infection. The patients that we have spoken to have all said that the treatment they received overseas did not meet their expectations and they regretted their decision to travel for care.

If substandard medical or dental treatment occurs in New Zealand, the patient would have recourse. Unfortunately with treatment performed overseas this is often not the case.

In summary, if you are considering having implant care overseas, do be aware of the risks involved. Whilst there are probably excellent, reputable practitioners in every country, here at Implant Solutions we see many cases of substandard treatment from overseas. It is always much more costly and traumatic to have treatment redone, or remedied than to have it completed to the appropriate standard in the first place.