Should you go overseas to have implant treatment completed cheaply? Following on from our previous blog, this blog will focus on another problem we see regularly in patients who have had ‘cheap’ implant treatment overseas, that of over-treatment.

Unfortunately most patients have little knowledge of the treatment they require, and they therefore rely on the recommendation of the dentist with whom they consult. Unscrupulous practitioners can take advantage of this lack of knowledge, and recommend treatment that is excessive. At Dental Artistry we commonly see patients who have had up to double their amount of required treatment performed overseas. This means that even if the cost of overseas treatment is half of that in New Zealand, the patient will pay the same amount, and endure much more surgery and associated post-operative sequelae. This is a false economy!

Implant treatment completed in the Phillipines. Twenty implants were placed; standard best practice for this type of case is to place only ten implants. At the time this x-ray was taken, one of the lower implants had failed and already been removed. All remaining implants subsequently failed and had to be removed here at Implant Solutions.