Teeth Autotransplantation

Autotransplantation is the surgical repositioning of a patient’s own tooth within their mouth. As the word suggests, it is a transplant of a patient’s own tooth. When a tooth is lost there are many traditional replacement options such as a dental implant, dental bridge or a removable denture.

However, all replacement options have their own inherent disadvantages compared to a healthy natural tooth. In many patients they may have a tooth which is healthy but non-functional. This may be a lone standing wisdom tooth which may be planned for extraction. In other patients they may be undergoing orthodontic treatment and require the extraction of a tooth for the creation of space.

In these cases the healthy tooth to be extracted can be used to replace a missing tooth in a position of the mouth which is actually needed for cosmetics and function.

Autotransplantation is especially useful in growing children as the teeth roots are still developing and the procedure is more predictable. They are also an excellent candidate because dental implants to replace a missing teeth are not recommended in growing children.

Autotransplantation is a procedure which has been extensively tested since the 1970’s but has not gained traction as a mainstream dental treatment due to its technical difficulty. The world leader on this procedure is Dr Mitsuhiro Tsukiboshi, an oral maxillofacial surgeon in Japan. Dr Sheng Zhang has trained with Dr Tsukiboshi in Nagoya to learn the secrets to successfully employing this technique in his patients. When performed correctly the surgery has long term success rates in the 90+% which mirrors the success of a dental implant.

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