Maintaining dental hygiene is vital for preventing gum infection and gum disease, and maintaining lifelong oral health.

What is a Dental Hygiene Treatment?

At your hygiene appointments the dentist and hygienist will thoroughly evaluate your oral health for any signs of gum disease, loose or broken teeth, damaged or failing fillings and any other developing concerns. They may conduct a ‘periodontal assessment’ which maps the gums to determine if there is any active gum disease or recession. In some cases radiographic images may be taken.

The hygiene appointment involves a professional clean and polish to remove the bacteria from above and below the gums. This also removes any superficial staining to whiten and brighten the teeth. The result is clean, smooth and fresh feeling teeth.

How often should I see the Dental Hygienist?

In general, we recommend you see the Dental Hygienists every 6 months. Over time plaque hardens to form calculus and becomes difficult to remove with routine home care. Calculus may be visible as stained deposits above the gums or hidden below the gums leading to gum disease. Regular dental hygiene appointments also allow us to identify any developing concerns in their early stages making management simple and cost effective.

Will I feel discomfort?

Dental hygiene treatment is not usually uncomfortable, especially when carried out regularly and the gum health is maintained. Those who have not had active maintenance for several years may find temporary discomfort due to heavier deposits of calculus on the teeth. Dental Artistry is proud to use the latest technologies such as Mini Ultrasonic tips and EMS AIRFLOW® to provide our patients with the most comfortable hygiene treatment.

Our Team

Our hygienists Katie and Laura have over 24 years of experience between them.

They are highly trained and passionate about educating patients on the most effective ways to keep their teeth and gum healthy. Whether it is routine oral hygiene instructions or special tips and tricks to clean around orthodontic brackets and implants, they have it covered.

Katie and Laura look forward to caring for you at your next hygiene appointment. We believe they are the best in the country. Why not book in and try them for yourself!

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