Dental Implants

Dental implants give you the freedom to live your life on your terms.

If you’ve struggled with dentures, temporary dental bridges, or damaged and unattractive teeth, then dental implants are the solution.

Our Dental Implant services include:

What are Dental Implants?

Permanent dental implants are a permanent solution to missing, dead or damaged teeth. The titanium dental implant ‘root’ is anchored in the jawbone. Then, lifelike prosthetic teeth are inserted on to the implants, creating a stable and attractive set of teeth. This can be for one, a few, or all of your teeth.

Why choose Dental Artistry for your Dental Implants?

We are the experts at dental implants in Auckland and New Plymouth. Our staff are highly qualified, with the best oral surgeons in New Zealand on our team. Our recent additions, Dr Sara Stockham and Dr Sheng Zhang, are highly skilled. Their specialities complement the broad range of experience we have with Dr Heidi Sauer, and Dr Sarah Cole.


We offer the full range of implant treatment from surgery to restorations and the all-important implant maintenance with our highly skilled dentists and hygienists. Our surgery rooms are world class, with cutting edge technologies and everything necessary to make your appointment comfortable and relaxing. We adhere to stringent infection control protocols and are uncompromising with your safety.

At Dental Artistry we offer implants from the world’s leading brands so that we can pick the correct implant to give you the best treatment outcome. Tried and tested brands such as Nobel, BioHorizon and TRI are used extensively at Dental Artistry.

Dental implants may be a frightening proposition, and it’s important to know you are in good hands. Our implant dentists Dr Sheng Zhang are experts in their fields and collectively have placed and restored more implants than any other dentist in New Zealand. They have documented long term success rates of 98%.

Our patients love our service, and they love the outcome. Dental implants will change your life for the better, lets work together to give you an incredible smile.

Dental Artistry Gives Expert Care

Dental Artistry is the dental implant division of Dental Artistry, where we offer the highest quality in dental implant care.

The quality of our treatment, infection control procedures and staff is exceptional and uncompromising and our reputation for excellence in implant dentistry is well deserved. We have offices in Auckland and New Plymouth but we welcome clients from all over New Zealand, and overseas.

Our customers love our service, and they love the outcome. Dental implants will change your life for the better, let’s work together to give you an incredible smile.

My wife and I had our dentures taken care of here. We love them!

Mark, thank-you so much for the great job. It’s given me great confidence and made me a very happy person. Thanks again.

Dr Mark Worthington has done an excellent job under very trying conditions repairing my previous dentists implant fails… not for the fainthearted… two years on I have an implant partial plate and feel and look so much better. A very kind and honest man.

“Four years ago I got false teeth. Six months ago I decided to have implants. Why did I wait so long?! My quality of life is now so much better; I can actually eat food! Money well spent.”


See the Results

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Forty-six year old Dawn was missing two upper teeth. She had worn a partial denture for many years. Dawn’s teeth were whitened and her missing teeth were replaced with two implant-retained crowns.

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Fifty year old Bob’s upper left lateral incisor (arrow) was infected and unable to be saved. Bob’s tooth was extracted and replaced in one appointment with an implant-retained crown.

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Fourty-five year old Lesley was missing her upper left lateral incisor. She was also unhappy with the shape of her other incisor teeth. Lesleys teeth were enhanced via the provision of one implant – retained crown and three additional porcelain crowns.