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Multiple Tooth Replacement

Whether you’ve lost your teeth to injuries, age or an illness, replacement procedures can help you regain full dental function. Thanks to advancements in the field, replacement teeth can look and feel as good your natural teeth. But which procedure is best for you?

What are the best multiple teeth replacement options?

Dental replacement options for tooth loss include dentures, bridge placements and dental implants. For a multiple teeth replacement, conventional bridge placement is often not possible. Dental implants enjoy a good success rate and are known to be more comfortable for the patient in the long term.

When several teeth in a row are missing, placing a conventional bridge is not recommended. A dental bridge puts pressure on the healthy teeth that lie adjacent to the gap. If there are multiple teeth missing, it will put too much strain on the adjacent teeth. Your best replacement options are either removable dentures or dental implants.


Partial dentures or full dentures used to be common. The disadvantage of dentures is their tendency to move or shift when you’re speaking or eating. The fact that the denture can become displaced at inopportune moments makes some people uncomfortable as it can result in slurred speech or embarrassment at the dinner table.

With dental implants, the artificial teeth that you can see are firmly anchored to titanium implants that are fixed to the jawbone. They neither move nor do they put pressure on the adjacent, healthy teeth. So, multiple teeth implants present the most reliable solution for multiple teeth replacement.

Step by step dental implant procedure guide


Preparing for the implant procedure

First, you will have a consultation with your dentist who will brief you on the process and explain the benefits as well as the risks. He or she may take some x-rays and see if preparatory treatment needs to be performed, such as a bone graft, or further tooth removal.


Implant insertion

The next step is to put in the implants. This procedure is done under local anaesthetic, so you won’t feel any pain. Discomfort and swelling after the procedure rarely occurs. If the gap left by your missing teeth is plainly visible, the dentist will put in some temporary artificial teeth so you can go about your life normally until the replacement tooth is placed.


Placing the replacement teeth

A month or two after the implant is inserted, you will be ready to receive your permanent artificial teeth. For multiple teeth, you will receive a ‘bridge’ that is placed on the implants (not to the adjacent teeth). This is a very simple procedure and you should feel no discomfort.


Life after

Your new implant supported bridge is not dependent on your healthy teeth, it is supported by the implants which keep it firmly in place. The artificial teeth look, feel and function just like your natural teeth. You will have to maintain an effective dental hygiene routine to keep your gums and teeth in good shape, but your diet does not have to be restricted on account of your teeth. Do still go in for dental check-ups routinely every six months, or as advised.

Trust the experts

If you want to find out if dental implants are the best option for you, we highly recommend that you choose someone you can trust to do this procedure. At Dental Artistry, we understand the importance of having an experienced team handle this. This is why we have dentists who have been experts in the field for years.

Dr. Sheng Zhang and Dr. Worthington are the inhouse dental implant experts for Dental Artistry. Both are highly respected in the field in New Zealand and Australia.

All procedures under one roof

To make sure you are as comfortable as possible, we have all of our state of the art equipment under one roof. You can have everything from the consultation and preliminary tests, to the procedures and the follow-up visits all in one familiar dental clinic.

At Dental Artistry, we also offer finance options so if it’s the cost you’re concerned about, let’s discuss an option that is attainable for you. We want to start the conversation that’ll turn your oral health around.