Facial Enhancement

Injectable Fat Lipolysis

Injection Lipolysis is a procedure where a substance is injected directly into undesired fat deposits. Lipolysis injections initiate a process during which fat is dissolved and then eliminated from the body via the metabolic process.


The solution used is a combination of ingredients derived from soy and a synthetic replica of your bodies’ natural fat digesting components.

Treatment is delivered beneath and around the chin to dissolve submental fat (“double chin”) and/or jowls, naso-labial grooves, infra-orbital rims (“eye bags”) and cheeks. Results are permanent, provided lifestyle and dietary factors remain healthy, however 2-4 treatments may be required initially to achieve the best results and it is highly recommended to engage in a multi-pronged treatment approach, utilising other options for fat reduction such a laser or coolsculpting, as well as a healthy lifestyle, hydration, quality skin care and good nutrition.