If you are time poor, impatient or have a big occasion coming up, there are a couple of ways that Dental Artistry may be able to speed up your orthodontic treatment. Feel free to ask us about whether either of these approaches may be used in your situation.


The VPro5 is an innovative orthodontic device used in conjunction with braces or clear aligners which may halve your overall treatment time!

The Vpro5 has a horseshoe-shaped mouthpiece which is placed in the mouth and held in place by gently biting down. The mouthpiece vibrates for 5 minutes and this is repeated each day of treatment. The vibrations are at a specific frequency which facilitate tooth movement and stimulate bone regeneration, thus speeding up treatment and decreasing chances of relapse.

Other benefits of VPro5 use include:

  • better seating and engagement when used in conjunction with clear aligners
  • less discomfort after an orthodontic adjustment or change in aligners
  • faster relaxation of the fibres post treatment improving retention

As individuals vary in their response to orthodontic treatment, it is difficult to prove how much more quickly orthodontic treatment progresses with the use of the VPro5. However, our patients who have used the VPro5 have been extremely happy with it. They have found that it has made a notable difference to their comfort during treatment and they have progressed with their appointments at twice the rate. We have also found also that patients using the VPro5 have not stalled in their treatment which is not uncommon in treatment without the VPro5.

If you are interested in using VPro5 with your orthodontic treatment, just talk to us.

If this is a bit tame for you, more acceleration can be gained through PAOO.

Periodontally Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics (PAOO)

We offer a treatment approach referred to as PAOO, which stands for Periodontally Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics. With PAOO, orthodontic treatment time may be quartered!

PAOO is a surgical intervention at the beginning of orthodontics, which promotes rapid tooth movement by increasing the rate of bone remodelling. As the orthodontic treatment progresses more quickly, the orthodontic appointments are much more frequent. PAOO patients have the same number of visits as a normal orthodontic patient but over a greatly reduced time frame.

PAOO may be recommended if an orthodontic case is complex and is likely to take a long time. As adults require more time than children for orthodontic treatment to progress, PAOO may also be appropriate in straightforward cases where time is a factor. It may be used in cases where specific tooth movement has become difficult in a localised area and additional help is needed. As PAOO promotes the development of bone, it is particularly helpful in cases where patients have inadequate bone around their teeth or are prone to root resorption.

During the procedure, we lifts the gum and makes shallow incisions in the bone around and between the roots of all the teeth. These incisions stimulate Rapid Acceleratory Phenomenon (RAP) which promotes an increased rate of bone metabolism which speeds up tooth movement. Additional bone matrix material is inserted to ensure a good bone volume around the tooth roots in the direction of required tooth movement. As in any surgical procedure, there may be some discomfort for between 4 – 7 days, but healing is usually straightforward.

Studies indicate that PAOO is safe, effective, predictable, and is associated with less root resorption and reduced treatment time. Ask Heidi if PAOO is suitable for you.