Not having a full set of teeth can make you self-conscious and diminish the wattage of your smile. There’s also the more serious issues of bone loss, tooth decay and poor oral hygiene. Implant surgery offers a permanent solution and restores your full mouth of teeth.

If you have suffered from many decayed teeth or lost multiple teeth in an accident and need to restore your smile, there are better solutions out there than temporary dentures. Dental implants (made from zirconia or titanium) are the answer. Implant treatments and dental implant surgeries offer a permanent solution so you can have a full set of teeth once more. Implants also ensure that you can avoid the hazards of jaw bone loss, which is common when tooth loss is left untreated.

There’s no need to be confused about the terms all-on-4, all-on-6 and all-on-8. They all refer to the permanent solution of dental implants used to replace a missing or decayed tooth. The difference between the procedures lies in the number of implants, as suggested by the names.

All on Four

At Dental Artistry, we offer you an option where we can create a full set of teeth using just 4 implants in each jaw. The feasibility of this depends on your specific jaw and circumstances. Once we evaluate your current teeth, level of damage, as well as your jaw structure and health, we can make the call on whether an all on 4 implant is the right choice. This surgical procedure uses eight implants, four in the upper jaw and four in the lower jaw, to support permanent dentures or crowns.

All on Six

All on 6 refers to the surgical implantation of six implants in your upper and lower jaws. The additional two dental implants from all-on-4 may be required for stability and strength in the mouth, increasing the likelihood of success for your new permanent dentures. For those patients that jawbone decay is an issue, the all on 6 dental implant offers additional strengthening and stimulation to the jawbone. Our experienced dentists will make a recommendation based on what is best for your needs.

All on Eight

All on 8 dental implants are used in patients that require extra security of their full arch implants. This could be due to poor jawbone density, irregular shape of the mouth, or any other issue that your dental surgeon will find.

Your Dental Artistry dentist will carefully study your mouth and place the eight implants across the jaw to ensure alignment, good fit, and comfort. Done correctly, this all on 8 surgery will also give the patient full ability to chew, eat all their favourite foods, and have an attractive, realistic smile once again.

Permanent dentures offer a much more stable and comfortable experience when compared to temporary dentures, and come closest to the way you felt with your natural teeth.

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