There comes a point where you need to make a decision about your teeth. You may have lost most of them, or many are damaged and you need to replace them. Do you choose dentures or would you prefer dental implants? Both options replace all your teeth, but there are many reasons why dental implants are a much better choice than dentures.

What are all-on-four dental implants?

If you are replacing a significant number of teeth on your upper, lower, or both jaws, then all-on-four dental bridges are what you should consider.

These are bridges that are placed on four sets of supports/implants that are surgically inserted into each quadrant of your jaw. The prosthetic teeth are then screwed onto the implant, making them permanent, stable, and strong. This prosthodontics surgery is usually suggested for those with extensively damaged teeth and gums. Each bridge holds around 10-14 teeth.

These bridges are a great option for patients who need extensive dental work. These dental bridges are also the perfect option for those who may not have the required bone density for dentures. This procedure can solve your problems in one go.

What are dentures?

If you have lost most, or all of your teeth, historically these were the only option. A mould was taken of your gums, and then customised prosthetics of your gums and teeth were made. These would be inserted in the morning, adhered with denture glue, and removed at night.

There are a range of issues with dentures, and all of these have been resolved with the use of full-mouth dental implants.

Why an all-on-4 dental bridge is superior to dentures

A one-off solution: Dentures wear out over time, requiring replacement every few years for the rest of your life. With dental implants, you have a long lasting solution, if you maintain your implants correctly, your teeth will last a lifetime.

They look and feel natural: The one problem with dentures is that they look artificial. With implant bridges, you will have teeth that are customised to the shape of your mouth and the colour of your natural teeth, making them look and feel as close to the real deal as possible. Many clients have said that dental implants look better than their original smile, giving them confidence.

You can eat food like you used to: With implants, you can get back to eating regular food within a short period of time. Your bite will be as strong as your original teeth and you do not have to worry about them moving or popping out, which is occasionally a possibility with dentures. Imagine, crunching on an apple again.

No speech impediment: Many people with false teeth find that they do not fit securely or properly in their mouth. This can cause problems talking, with slurring or problems pronouncing words. Dental implants do not have this problem.

No heaviness: Those who wear dentures (and you will see this when you trade in your dentures for implants), speak of a heaviness in the mouth from the weight of the dentures. With implants you will feel as natural as possible and yet have complete functionality just as with a full set of natural teeth.

Stops atrophy of the jaw: Dentures do nothing to prevent the degradation of the jaw bone. When you get implants however, your jaws get a form of reinforcement and the health of your jaw is naturally maintained. The implants also prevent shrinkage of the jaw bone, which can lead to sagging of the face.

No damage to the mouth: Dentures move as they wear, which can be uncomfortable in the mouth and cause sores to appear. They also can become dislodged when eating. In comparison, implants are surgically implanted and do not move.

Easy to care for: The care protocol for implants is simpler than dentures. Once you’ve recovered from surgery, it’s similar to that of your real teeth, with regular dentist visits and normal daily care.

Why Dental Artistry?

With years of experience creating beautiful smiles using teeth implants, Dental Artistry have the team and the skills to make your teeth perfect. They have all the equipment in one location, so you can have the entire process carried out under one roof- making it simple for you.

Their equipment is absolutely state-of-the-art, with amazing technology that makes the process more accurate, faster and with faster recovery. The team at Dental Artistry also have many years’ experience in dental implants. With Dr. Worthington and Dr. Sheng Zhang, we have highly qualified and well-respected surgeons that produce amazing results.

Speak with us to understand the benefits of the procedure, what to expect and why it could be the best treatment option for you. Contact Dental Artistry on 09 524 4541 to find out more, or book an appointment to get a personalised quote.