If you are frustrated with movement in your upper denture, miss being able to taste your food properly and just wish you had your natural teeth back, an All-on-Six could be the answer for you.

All On Six

How Will All On Six Help?

The all-on-six means you can speak clearly again – without the worry of losing your denture while you are talking. It also means that you can eat properly. Implant retained dentures actually increase the effectiveness of eating from 50% (with just a denture) to 95% of natural teeth. Better still, in the long term the implants actually prevent jawbone shrinkage so stop your face sinking with age.

Who Performs the Surgery and How Does it Work?

The computer-guided surgery is performed by our implant expert, Dr Mark Worthington. Dr Worthington is extremely experienced, having performed more of this type of surgery than any other dentist in Australasia. The surgery itself is minor and Dr Worthington is able to place the implants within a couple of hours using a keyhole technique. This means that post-operative pain and swelling are negligible. Once the implants are in place, and the area is healed, we will produce a full set of natural looking teeth that we will permanently fix onto the six implants. The result – natural looking, normally functioning top teeth!


What Are the Costs?

The total cost for this procedure is usually around $27,000. This is not all paid up front but over the course of the treatment which, including the healing process, takes 6 to 8 months. Or if you want an immediate result we can put on temporary fixed teeth on the same day for an additional cost. Don’t worry – you never leave our offices without teeth, so even immediately after the surgery, your denture can be popped right over the site while the healing takes place.

Too Expensive?

If this is a bit too much of an investment, you do have the less expensive option of fewer implants and a denture which snaps on and off – have a look at the difference between these two options here. The price for an implant retained over-denture ranges from $6000!

Next Steps?

Contact us to book a consultation where Dr Worthington will discuss your needs and outline the steps and costs involved in an all on four.


“I am extremely happy with the treatment and the end result. How anyone could go through life with dentures I don’t know. Yes, it was expensive, but I regard the dental treatment I was given as part of my overall health program and I can thoroughly recommend anyone to have it done.” – Don