Cosmetic Dentistry

Tooth Replacement

For many, losing a tooth is an emotionally devastating experience.


Few people realise, however, that in addition to compromised aesthetics, gaps left when teeth are lost can cause drifting and tilting of adjacent teeth, which in turn can lead to decay, gum disease, and jaw problems. The loss of a tooth, therefore, has both aesthetic and functional consequences.

At Dental Artistry, we are highly experienced in the cosmetic replacement of missing teeth. Our aim is to replace teeth to maximise aesthetics and function, so that it will seem that the teeth were never lost.

We replace most missing teeth with fixed bridges (“bridges”) or dental implants.

Quality Dental Implants

Dental Implants may be a frightening proposition, and it’s important to know that you’re in good hands. Our implant dentist, Dr Mark Worthington is an expert in his field, and has placed and restored more dental implants than any other dentist in New Zealand. His documented long-term success rate for implants is over 98%.



A bridge is a restoration whereby an artificial tooth or teeth is/are attached to crowns placed on two or more adjacent teeth. A dental bridge is either made entirely from porcelain, or from porcelain bonded to a metal substructure. Bridges can be placed alone or in conjunction with porcelain veneers and crowns as part of a greater dental enhancement.

Mark, thank-you so much for the great job. It’s given me great confidence and made me a very happy person. Thanks again.

After suffering a life time of crooked and crowded teeth I decided to do sometime about it. There is no doubt Dental Artistry are the best dentists in Auckland for this type of work!