Facial Enhancement

Microneedling Facials

Also known as Vampire Facial. This technique requires a series of 4 initial treatment sessions and uses Hyaluronic acid (HA) which may be mixed with your own blood or which we spin down to extract all the good bits such as growth factors and stem cells. This is called concentrated growth factor (CGF).

CGF is suitable for all patients, of any age or skin type, and during pregnancy as they are all natural, with minimal discomfort, and no down time!

Using a small specifically designed “dermal pen”, we simply use topical anaesthetic and roll the pen over the skin, which gently pricks the skin at various depths to penetrate all the goodness into the deeper layers and leaves your skin looking younger and fresher.   This treatment aids in skin tightening, resurfacing, and reconditioning from within the layers of the skin for long lasting results.

This is also known as a “vampire facial” because it uses your own blood and stimulates small pin pricks of blood during the treatment.

Many celebrities now have this treatment done, which of course was made famous by the Kardashians because of the amazing results!

The best bit is, it’s all natural, with minimal discomfort, and no down time! Minor bruising and flaking of the skin post- treatment is normal and means that the treatment is working and repair and rejuvenation of the skin is occurring!

The results speak for themselves!