Orthodontic Treatment for Adults

Modern orthodontics is not just for children! More than 50% of our orthodontic patients at Dental Artistry are adults.

The range of treatments available to us means that we can custom-make an orthodontic plan for you that fits your lifestyle and budget, and cosmetic options such as tooth-coloured braces and Invisalign mean that straightening your teeth no longer involves a mouth full of ‘train tracks’.

Orthodontic treatment can not only improve your appearance and self esteem; it can also improve the health of your teeth, gums and jaws. Poorly aligned teeth are more difficult to clean, increasing the risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and bone loss. A bad bite can cause abnormal wear of the teeth and TMJ (jaw joint) problems.

Many of our adult patients have orthodontics in conjunction with other treatments such as tooth whitening, porcelain veneers, dental implants and amalgam filling replacement. The varied skills of our dental practitioners ensure that patients can have all of their treatment needs filled here at Dental Artistry.


Why Get Braces As an Adult?

Maybe you had an unsuccessful orthodontics experience or were unable to afford braces in your childhood. Or you had orthodontics but the teeth have moved back (relapse).

Braces are not just the purview of children – indeed, we at Dental Artistry get as many adult patients as we do children. With a myriad of options for adult braces such as traditional, porcelain and lingual braces as well as clear aligners to choose from – and at price ranges to suit your budget – you no longer must live with crooked or gappy teeth.

When you see before and after pictures of adults who had braces, you will definitely want orthodontics treatment to improve your smile as well. At Dental Artistry, we will help you achieve the results you seek and regain your confidence in the process.

And if there are young ones in the family who are presenting with gaps or whose teeth are growing in crooked, book them in too – we are also experts in orthodontics for children.

The benefits of adult braces

Straightening your teeth can improve your smile, chewing function and confidence. But did you know it can also reduce the risks of developing tooth decay and gum disease due to improved ability to clean all the areas in your mouth. In some people, braces can also help with joint problems such as joint pains and clicks.

Adult braces have come a long way and are more comfortable than ever before. Innovations in techniques and in the materials used for the wires and brackets mean that adult braces are also less obvious and visible, so one does not have to fear looking as though one is hosting a train track in one’s mouth, plus the braces are more effective at correcting gaps and uneven teeth. Adult braces prices are also very competitive with different options available to you.

The different types of braces for adults

There are a few different types of adult braces available.

Metal braces are the traditional (and fastest working) option and, thanks to modern techniques, are quite sophisticated. At Dental Artistry, we use self-ligating braces, where the wire is passed across a small metal clip, eliminating the need for the rubber band and makes the braces less visible.

Another type that employs metal braces are ‘lingual braces’, which, rather than being out front and centre, are cemented instead across the backs of your teeth, making them nearly invisible.

Speaking of invisible, tooth-coloured or ceramic braces where the bracket is made of a polymer or ceramic are just that – invisible, so many adults prefer them. One drawback is that they tend to take a few months longer compared to traditional metal braces.

You can also opt for aligners, which are plastic trays that are inserted and changed out every one to two weeks, working sequentially and incrementally as your teeth straighten out bit by bit. Many people have heard of Invisalign which is an example of clear aligners and used at Dental Artistry. One thing to note about this type of adult braces is that they require discipline, as you have to wear them according to your prescribed schedule. Note too that they cannot correct major issues.

Adult braces before and after


Sharon before treatment. We recommended orthodontics and then porcelain veneers.


Sharon after orthodontics


Sharon after orthodontics and veneers


See the Results

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Thirty-year old Steve’s teeth were crowded. He did not want any teeth extracted. Steve had braces for just over a year to create his dream smile. No teeth were extracted.

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Forty-five year old Adam was missing his upper canine teeth. This had caused gaps and shifting of the front teeth so that they were off-centre. Adam had braces for two years and then two dental implants to replace his missing teeth. All treatment was provided here at Dental Artistry.

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Twenty year old Deanna’s teeth were fairly straight, but she had a severe overbite, which made her profile unattractive. We brought Deanna’s lower jaw forward with braces to vastly improve her

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Twenty-four year old Grant had a severe underbite. He had been told by several orthodontists that it could only be fixed with jaw surgery. Although this case is not yet complete, it is so amazing that we want to show it off! So far we have expanded Grant’s upper jaw to remove his underbite and we are now using braces to straighten his teeth – no surgery required!