Cosmetic Implants

The beautiful, natural addition to a smile that’s missing something…

Dental Implants are a wonderful procedure which gives patients the closest one for one replacement of a lost tooth. Although nothing beats a natural tooth, a well-placed dental implant comes very close in function and cosmetics to a natural tooth.

A well-executed cosmetic dental implant can replicate the position, shape, colour and contour of a natural tooth. More importantly it can recreate the dental papilla and the perfect gum profile around the implant crown. These outcomes are always desired but are often the most difficult to achieve.


Often a poorly planned or misplaced dental implant will result in the loss of the above features and the margin for error is only 1-2mm. At Dental Artistry we have the technology to plan and surgically execute a perfectly positioned dental implant to ensure you get the best cosmetic outcome. In many cases a 3D printed surgical guide is tailor made for your case.

Dr Sheng Zhang has extensive experience in placing implants in the cosmetic zone and blending them harmoniously with your natural teeth.