Dental Implants

Tooth Replacement

Tooth implants are the best option for a strong and natural looking tooth replacement

Dental implants are revolutionary for your oral health. They are the perfect solution for damaged or missing teeth. With these strong and long lasting dental implants, you no longer have to forego your favourite food on account of your teeth!

Dental implants do away with the drawbacks of dentures and bridge placements. They do a very good job of imitating your natural teeth in appearance and function, enabling you to go about life as before. Tooth implant surgery has a success rate of about 98% and with good oral hygiene practices, these can last for up to 25 years. So this is definitely a long-term solution for better oral health.

Which of the tooth replacement options is right for you?

There are slightly different procedures that dentists use for a single missing tooth and multiple ones. Your situation will affect which option is best for you.

Single tooth implants

The dental implant procedure for a single tooth replacement is fairly straightforward, and a single tooth dental implant is surgically inserted in the gap left behind by the missing tooth. With this procedure, the teeth that lie on either side of the missing tooth are left intact. This is where dental implant procedures differ from bridge placement. More often than not, the extraction of the damaged tooth (if there is still one) and the implant placement can be done in the same appointment.

Multiple tooth implants

Dental implants are a popular solution for replacing multiple missing teeth as well. As we’ve said earlier, a bridge can sometimes compromise the health of adjacent teeth. You do not necessarily need one implant per missing tooth, depending on the individual case a single implant can be sufficient to support two replacement teeth. The procedure for multiple tooth implant placement is similar to the previous, but if there are three or four teeth missing, usually only two implants are needed.

All teeth replacement

In cases where all or most teeth need to be replaced, dentures used to be a common choice. However, the disadvantages with dentures is that they could become ill-fitting and move often. This hinders speech and makes chewing difficult. This can be uncomfortable, embarrassing to some, irritate the mouth and cause oral health problems.

Dental implants have proven to be the gold standard of care in the case of full mouth teeth replacement. Two to six implants are inserted on the first visit which support the teeth that sit on the entire jaw. On the second visit a month or two later, the teeth are placed on the implants, taking as little as an hour. This all-on-four procedure offers the very best of outcomes and lifestyle.

For some patients the popular All-on-4® concept is a cost effective option, giving patients their teeth on the same day of surgery and is offered Dental Artistry. Learn more about All-on-4®.

Another advantage of dental implants is that it prevents shrinking of the jawbone which is common with dentures and bridge placement. This tends to give one an aged appearance. Instead, a straightforward procedure for dental implants can contribute to better oral health and appearance.

“Four years ago I got false teeth. Six months ago I decided to have implants. Why did I wait so long?! My quality of life is now so much better; I can actually eat food! Money well spent.”


See the Results

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Forty-five year old Adam was missing his upper canine teeth. This had caused gaps and shifting of the front teeth so that they were off-centre. Adam had braces for two years and then two dental implants to replace his missing teeth. All treatment was provided here at Dental Artistry.

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Sixty year old Anita’s eight upper and lower front teeth were very loose and in danger of falling out. The eight loose teeth were extracted and replaced in one appointment with four implants and two four-tooth implant-retained bridges.

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Fifty-six year old Grace had several missing teeth, which had previously been replaced with a denture.  Two porcelain fused to metal bridges were placed to give Grace a perfect smile.

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Sixty year old Angus was missing numerous teeth. His remaining teeth were also very worn as a consequence of tooth grinding. Angus’s bite was opened and his teeth were restored with three porcelain bridges and eighteen porcelain crowns.

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Twenty-five year old Elizabeth was missing her upper lateral incisors. She wanted her teeth beautified before her wedding. Elizabeth’s teeth were enhanced with whitening and the provision of two porcelain bridges and two porcelain crowns. Her wedding photos were gorgeous!

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49 year old Paul was missing a number of teeth, and his remaining teeth were worn. Paul’s full mouth reconstruction involved changing his bite, followed by one implant, four porcelain bridges and seven porcelain crowns.