After suffering a life time of crooked and crowded teeth I decided to do sometime about it. There is no doubt Dental Artistry are the best dentists in Auckland for this type of work!

Great people, highly competent. would recommend them to anyone. Very happy with the treatment I have received. Quite aside from the quality of treatment, there is something about the people there which makes you feel valued.


I had braces put on 6 months ago so there is a lot of visits to Dental Artistry for my check ups. I remember being younger I hated going to the dentist and now going to Dental Artistry it is a whole different experience. You get to know all the staff really well and have a lovely chat every time you go in.


I just wanted to say how amazing Beau’s teeth look! Just wanted to say on behalf of Beau and myself a big thank you and a fantastic job you all did to achieve this result. Beau is absolutely thrilled. Thanking you all for your time and effort.

Invisalign and the team at Dental Artistry are amazing! They’ve completely transformed my teeth without anyone noticing. I love my teeth now and can’t believe I put it off for years!