Cosmetic Dentistry

Exceptional Standards for Outstanding Results

Dental Artistry provides the highest quality cosmetic dentistry to create a perfect smile for you. Cosmetic dentistry encompasses various treatments which are designed to improve both the health and appearance of your smile.

Our Cosmetic Dentistry services include:

Often a combination of treatments is required to create a perfect smile and a consultation with our cosmetic experts will give you a clearer idea of what would be best in your situation.

These treatments may include:

Our Doctors are a perfectionist’s perfectionist, and have a talent for ascertaining just what is wrong with a smile and the best way to correct it. Digital smile design can also be used to plan your dream smile before treatment is started so that you have an idea ahead of time what the end result will be.

We use only the best products, materials and laboratories to ensure that the results are the very best available. In addition, our Doctors specialised skills in orthodontics and crown and bridgework, coupled with Dr Worthington’s surgical prowess with implants mean that in the vast majority of cases all of your cosmetic dental treatment can be completed here at Dental Artistry, without the need for referral to other dental practices.

Our knowledge is of paramount importance when changing a patient’s smile, as changes to the shape and alignment of teeth or the bite can impact on the jaw joint. Injudicious changes to teeth without consideration of the jaw joint can cause chronic pain in the head and neck, wear or breakage of teeth and restorations and a variety of other symptoms.

This section of our website focusses on the cosmetic dental techniques of tooth whitening, veneers and crowns, tooth replacement with bridges as well as jaw joint treatment. For information about dental implants and orthodontics, please follow these links to see how these procedures can complement your treatment.